How Inbound Marketing Increased One App’s Lead By 100%
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How Inbound Marketing Increased One App’s Lead By 100%


Inbound marketing is powerful stuff. But is it really possible to increase your leads by 100% through inbound marketing alone? The short answer is, yes! Take a look at the restaurant app, Orderly, for proof.


When I first read what Orderly did to boost their leads, I thought to myself “Wow, this is so simple, but it worked!”

Marketers (myself included) often tend to overthink our marketing strategies, which can end up making them very complicated and hard to implement.

This is a sure fire way to failure in my view.

You’ve probably heard of the expression ‘less is more’? and there’s a lot of truth to it – especially in Orderly’s case.

Their simple four step process to success consisted of the following inbound marketing tactics:

  1. Refining SEO
  2. Refining landing page copy
  3. Launching a simple content marketing strategy
  4. Developing a heavier social media presence

Let’s dig in to what Orderly is and how they achieved this result using this three step process. If they can do it, you can too!

What is Orderly?

Orderly uses SaaS technology to help restaurants virtually manage invoicing and inventory.

Previously in these tasks were done manually. They’re burdensome, yet they’ve remained unchallenged for many years.

Orderly saw the opportunity to simplify the process in order to make their lives easier. The business was founded by a group of technology executives and restaurateurs who were appalled independent restaurants had been left in the dark ages when it came to technology.

Breaking into this market couldn’t have been easy for them.  These manual processes were ingrained into the culture of running a restaurant.

People don’t like change. For Orderly, this presented a serious hurdle in the sales process. Here’s how they soared past that hurdle.

Step 1: Choose The Right Keywords – Keep It Simple!

It’s common search engine optimization (SEO) practice to select different keywords for different pages of a website. This encourages the pages to show up under more search terms, depending on what the searcher has typed into Google. It’s a fundamental SEO strategy – and one Orderly decided not to employ.

They kept things simple by focusing on just one predetermined keyword across their entire site – ‘restaurant purchasing app’.

They used this keyword as liberally as Google would allow, without keyword stuffing. The strategy worked. Orderly moved from the bottom of the first page of a Google search to the top in just a few months. No tweaks were made to the pages during this time to allow them to settle on Google.

The lesson here: SEO is important but it takes time. Determine what keyword or keywords you want to rank for, optimize your pages and let Google have enough of a chance to push you to the top of the search engine results.

Step 2: Refine the Landing Page

This was the most important step for Orderly – refining the copy on their landing page.

After an initial two month trial period their landing pages converted at a rate of about 4%.

Then the pages were re-examined. During this process Orderly decided to change their target audience from Chefs to Restaurant Managers. They realized Restaurant Managers were the ones who did the invoicing and managed the inventory – rather than the Chefs.

To make this adjustment, they changed some of the images on the landing pages. They found imagery more focused towards the new target audience.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 7.06.41 AM

Orderly’s Chef Focused Landing Page

The tweaks for their new target audience worked. Orderly managed to double their conversion rate just a few months later.

The lesson here: continuously challenge what you are doing. It’s okay to make changes halfway through your campaign if something isn’t right.

Step 3: Choose Your Content Marketing Channels Wisely

Content marketing is the foundation to inbound marketing. When selecting the right content marketing channels, think about your audience and where you can add value. What objectives are you trying to achieve?

Orderly’s main objectives were to:

  1. Stay in touch with their prospects
  2. Drive traffic to their website

They decided a blog and an email nurture program would help achieve these results. The reason – blogs are engaging and emails could be used to push content directly into their prospects inbox.

This is an easy trick for companies to steal. The key to making it successful is to ensure your content is highly targeted towards the reader.

This was easy for Orderly because many Orderly employees were former chefs.

All of the content Orderly published included a call-to-action to guide the reader on what to do next. This is very important because your ultimate aim is to increase conversion.

The lesson here: Enlist the help of someone who understands your target audience. If you don’t you risk producing content that will damage your credibility. Then, include strong calls to action at the end of each piece of content you publish.

Step 4: Unleash the Power of Social Media

Orderly increased its social media presence using a variety of social media platforms. They carefully chose the right social media channels for their target audience – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Orderly’s Facebook Page

Orderly’s Facebook Page

Orderly then developed a posting schedule that suited each individual social media platform.

Twitter and LinkedIn were used regularly because of their fast moving nature. Facebook was used a little bit less – but the posts were of a higher quality. Instagram was only used when they had a particularly striking image, because of its visual nature.

Picking the right social media channels is vital.

It’s important to think about what channels your target market are using and the best way to reach them via this channel. Think about the frequency and quality of your posts as well.

Create a content schedule for each channel so you never miss an opportunity.

The lesson here: Not every channel functions in the same way. Test and explore what works best for your specific audience.


A simple inbound marketing strategy works. The proof is in what Orderly experienced.

Choose your weapons carefully and you will win the battle. Who is your target audience and what will they respond to?

Identify your key objectives. What do you want to achieve from your campaign?

Keywords are important. Selecting the right ones will make or break your strategy. As we’ve learned from Orderly’s example, you don’t have to identify multiple keywords. One long-tail keyword really works!

Finally, monitor your campaign. If something isn’t right don’t be afraid to change your strategy halfway through. Orderly did and it doubled their conversion rate!

Do you want to use inbound marketing to boost your leads? Let’s talk. I offer a free business consultation to get you started on a stronger marketing path. 


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