If your business has annual sales of $1 million or more, this is for you. If your business is smaller, unfortunately you don’t qualify for this service.

Here’s the info…

The Marketing Samurai team has a new way of working with entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, and the investment is $1 million… Now as pricy as this might sound, once you know the details, I’m confident you’ll find our offer irresistible.

In fact, you’ll recognize that paying our million dollar fee would be the best action you ever took for both you and your business.

So here are the details…

(1) This new model brings to your business, our team of experts collaborating and executing, privately, with you, together, every month, for as many months or years as it takes us to grow your sales by $20 million over the next 24-48 months.

(2) The fee to participate in this model is $1 million, however 95% of our fee is paid on a performance basis. In other words for our team to earn our million dollar fee, your business has to grow in sales by $20 million dollars. (this is based on us earning our fee by getting 5% of this increase in gross sales).

(3) We do ask for a one-time “start-up” payment of $50,000 – just enough to make sure you’ve got some skin in the game and take our advice and recommendations seriously.

As you can see, it’s a cool, “totally self-regulating arrangement”. If we work hard – and you work what we advise, and our advice works, you get $20 million more revenue, and we get a million dollar, on-time (well-earned) fee. Plus, you get to keep using our proprietary strategies and concepts…forever, for no additional charge.

That said – we are seeking 10, highly-directable, underperforming companies doing $1M-10M, each, right now — who aren’t living up to their potential — and who can afford the time, contribution and commitment of being jointly (privately) mentored by us — for as long as it takes to get you $20M more in revenue. If your company sells a service or product to a large, hungry and cashed-up target market… and is already quite successful but ready to put into place a structured and strategic marketing plan (and team) and move up to next significant level, get in touch right now.

We will spend our time together for you and your business’ future – 95% on “spec”, meaning we will be 95% investing, speculating, banking on you and your business to follow through, execute, implement, acting on our specific marketing, strategic, advertising, competitive edge advice, recommendations — or we won’t receive 95% of our fee.

We ask for a one-time good-faith “start-up” fee of $50,000. (However, if you’re business seems promising yet your cash flow is tight and we feel we could make a $10 million impact, we are open to working out flexible payments of the starter fee, too). Then it’s just 10%, per month of increased revenue UNTIL we’ve reached our million fees or until either side decides we’re not compatible.

If you “get” this concept and are qualified enough to apply, contact us here.

Please provide every possible contact you have so that we do not play phone, e-mail or text tag with you.

Remember, we’re all about optimal use of time, effort and opportunity cost – you must be that way too, or you won’t qualify.

To higher profits!


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