Top 7 Successful Blogging Tips

Want to be successful in your blogging efforts? Here are 7 tips you can start using today:

1. Blog Regularly

Despite recent major changes in Google’s algorithms that have impacted a great number of websites and blogs, one truth remains: Google still adores fresh content. To optimize your regular blogging efforts, create a plan that specifies posting frequency (preferably 2 – 3 posts weekly minimum) and other details like who is responsible for the day’s post.

2. Go for Sticky / Viral

You need to generate authoritative, expert content, aiming to provide your readers with valuable information while entertaining them on the side. This is the sort of sticky or viral blog posts you want for your blog.

3. Build Your Lists

Provide your readers with several different opportunities for opting in to varied subscriptions or services, and even more ways to entice them to do so. You need to constantly build your list of leads that you can nurture and woo to turn into referral sources or direct sales.

4. Promote Wisely

Your blog is a communication and publishing medium, and how well you use it for promotional purposes can affect your marketing efforts’ bottom-line. The key is never to stuff your blog with too much promotional material and not enough content with substance – like putting up a TV channel playing mostly ads instead of actual, viewer-drawing programs.

5. Engage in Social Media

Social media engagement is a very nifty investment if you implement effective strategies in the right places – like your blog. Make all your posts easily to share across all the leading social networking sites, and make sure your blog is sufficiently integrated with tools like sharing and social follow buttons.

6. Listen to Your Readers

Always monitor user-generated content – from comments to poll answers to star-ratings and beyond. They offer a chance to increase engagement and reader interaction, and can serve as a treasure trove of user-generated content ideas that you can explore.

7. Reach Out to Fellow Bloggers

Not all bloggers realize the potential of guest blogging. Simply writing two posts instead of one with the express intent of posting one article on another blog (as a guest post) helps drive traffic, spread awareness, and establish authority twofold when compared to just focusing on posting on your own blog. Better yet, Google’s Author Stats gives great insight into how well your guest blogging efforts are going.

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