Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a clever SEO strategy that drives more relevant visitors to your website by building a network around keywords (to learn more about what SEO is, click “What is SEO?“). Provided that you have optimized your website effectively, you can start bookmarking your content, blog posts, instagrams, pinterests and videos on social bookmarking sites like del.ici.ous.

When you bookmark and store these links, they are available to view by the general public. The more people tag and like these bookmarks, the higher they are ranked and featured.

The benefit of having your great content shared with like-minded individuals is that you can:

  • quickly get an idea of who your potential prospects are, especially if they have bookmarked your content
  • view and learn from other relevant content that is posted around those tags
  • drive those prospects and more interested individuals to your website to learn more and view other articles

Social bookmarking should be used as part of a wider search engine optimization campaign to help build your off-site keyword ranking.

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