As a small business owner, there is one thing that is essential for your business being successful.

Do you know what that one thing is?

Simple, it’s customers!  The problem that most small to medium size business owners face is not getting enough laser targeted customers to their website, or sustaining those customers after getting them.

I’m going to enlighten you on several different marketing avenues, strategies, techniques, and tips through our guides, consultations and webinars.  You can even get a free no-obligation score of how well your business is performing.

Believe it or not, the term “It takes money to make money” isn’t always accurate.  In many cases, you can earn more money and increase your company’s bottom line by properly marketing your business with low cost and even free avenues.

Business Failures
The sad reality is that more than 92% of small businesses fail within their first 5 years as a direct result of simply being uneducated as to exactly how to market their business successfully.

Added to the dire failure rates are the facts that the time demands on small business owners and entrepreneurs have never been higher.

“I wish I had known better” is what disheartened business owners say to me when they face a problem that caught them completely off guard.  Problems such as:

  • managing cashflow
  • uncertainty and unpredictability
  • time wasted on administrative tasks
  • upfront investment into a business
  • ongoing investments and maintenance
  • measuring the effectiveness of a marketing campaign
  • hiring the best people
  • growing a venture
  • a venture not growing
  • staying ahead of the competition
  • not being able to have a lifestyle outside of the business due to being stuck ‘in the trenches’

Though nothing is more frustrating and more challenging to small business owners and entrepreneurs than finding new customers. Small to medium size businesses typically find themselves strapped for time but in order to create a continual stream of new business, they must work on marketing their business every day.

Specific marketing problems are unique to each individual business, but common problems facing small businesses are a shortage of funds for adequate advertising and promotion and a lack of time for developing creative marketing strategies. The greatest difficulty, however, may be developing a creative and tightly focused overall marketing strategy.

With more than 11 years of successful experience in the marketing world, I can show you exactly what works and what doesn’t work.

Using what you learn will allow you to immediately surpass all the guess work and eliminate any possibilities of being unsuccessful with branding your business as an Industry leader.

I’ve included the best marketing strategies that have the BIGGEST IMPACT at the LOWEST COST in the FASTEST TIME with minimum ongoing monitoring.

Perhaps the most beneficial fact of my Samurai Tactics is the fact that they are highly effective in automatically singling out the absolute perfect customers for your specific business.

Whether you specialize in electric wheelchairs for the elderly, sophisticated high-end spas for women, refurbished electronics out of your garage, online info-products, a periodontal dental practice or any other specific niche market, you’ll be amazed at how effective my methods are right from the beginning.

If your business is being marketed properly, your competition will be blown away as a result of them not understanding how to properly recognize, find, attract, and sustain the PERFECT visitor/customer for their company.

We concentrates solely on tactics that focus on the science of selling right down to the tiniest details.

Before we get started, I need to stress that over the years we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in testing and education for learning the most powerful marketing strategies known to man.

Regardless of how simple or obvious any of the marketing methods that you are about to learn may seem, please do not dismiss them, cut corners, or procrastinate.

Take what you are about to learn and use this information to immediately begin doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling your sales almost overnight!

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