Our Story

Our Story


Nothing excites us more than building brands and accelerating businesses in preparation for growth or acquisition.

After my last venture, Switch2Health Inc. was acquired by FitBit, I founded Marketing Samurai LLC to help other businesses build, automate and grow their marketing campaigns. The Result? Clients dominate their niche, acquire new customers and increase their customer lifetime value without the stress. We achieve average client ROIs of over 350%!

thumbnail-300x225My name is Goutham Bhadri and I would like to personally thank you for taking this leap to a more profitable business.

As the original Marketing Samurai, I’ve been an expert marketer for the past 13 years.  I work very closely with some of today’s most successful and celebrated marketers on a regular basis.

Having earned my MBA at Columbia Business School with a focus on marketing and entrepreneurship, I was honored to receive the Schuchman-Hulbert Memorial Award in Marketing.  Since then I have been selected to mentor entrepreneurs and small businesses for the Columbia Business School Entrepreneurial Sounding Board in New York City as well as for the Start Up Enterprise in London.

Our company was designed specifically to help small to medium size businesses and entrepreneurs effectively market their products or services without hours of studying, spending thousands of dollars in marketing costs and possibly months or even years of trial and error testing.

I wanted to focus on small businesses and entrepreneurs as they have the biggest need, lack quality advice and are often overlooked by some of the so-called marketing “experts.”

Whether you specialize in electric wheelchairs for the elderly, sophisticated high-end spas for women, refurbished electronics out of your garage, online info-products, a periodontal dental practice or any other specific niche market, you’ll be amazed at how effective our methods are right from the beginning.

They are the same proven methods we use in our own businesses and to date, my team and I have been responsible for more than $40 million in sales across a variety of a business verticals.

If you choose to partner with us, we’ll arm you with the tools required to grow and become more profitable. We’ll devise strategies to help you dominate your niche. And we’ll help you do all this without the crippling stress that often arises from going it alone.

Our mission is to relentlessly push your company to its fullest potential. We’ll harness the power of digital marketing to exploit every competitive advantage.

If you are looking to increase your presence so that you can stop missing out on the thousands of potential online customers that are slipping through the cracks as a result of a lack of knowledge, you’ve come to the right place. You are about to embark on a transformative adventure as you discover exactly how you can drive an unlimited number of risk-free, laser-targeted visitors to your website around the clock, even while you sleep.

Since the early days of working out of an apartment in New York’s West Village, we now have offices in both New York and London and have grown into an international team of expert funnel builders, search engine optimizers, social media marketers, MBAs, website designers, coders, content creators, writers, affiliate marketers, virtual assistants, paid advertisers, ex-Googlers and more.

We’re well on our way to transforming 1,000 businesses worldwide — and we’d like the next one to be yours.

Ready to improve your online marketing so you can sell more, faster, at higher margins and with more fun?

Then let’s started today….

It promises to be a profitable adventure.

To Your Success!