Facebook Marketing 101: Covering the SEO basics for your Page

When it comes to maintaining social media platforms for predominantly b2c clients, often the Facebook page is the most labour-intensive of all. However, glossing over required copy fields does not do a brand/organisation any favors when it comes to SEO and popularity on site. Here a few quick wins around your SEO strategy to lay the foundations for a ‘full steam ahead’ approach:

1. Update Page Name/Username ensuring you have a consistent brand name across all social platforms is extremely important for all your branding collateral, whether online or offline. So, ensure your Facebook page name is as close to the brand name as possible. Customise the URL once you have reached the minimum Like threshold. URLs are heavily weighted by search engines, thus it’s crucial your fan page URL reflects an aspect of your business. Remember, the first word in your fan page title is given the most weight (importance) by Google.

2. Merge unused page(s) this option is available for Pages which encompass the same product/service and have similar names. You can only merge the Page with fewer Likes into the one with more Likes. Merging Pages amalgamates all your Likes and check-ins, but all other content such as posts, photos and the username will be permanently deleted from the Page with fewer likes. Don’t forget to announce to your community that the ‘soon to be merged’ page will become redundant, and point them to newer page. For directional details on this process, click here.


3. Update About Box and Page — consider this part of the Page extremely valuable real estate; as one of first points of reference a user will see. The About box and fan page name would also be categorised as a meta description by search engines. Double check you’ve got any CTAs or URLs within the character limitations here. Be creative with your copy. Look at the ‘About’ section on your own site and duplicate or rework if it’s lengthy.

Fundamentally, the objective of Facebook SEO is adding value to the overarching message of your brand/organisation. Get the basics right, and then take a more creative approach towards many of Facbook’s more advanced features.

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