A Brand is Not Just What You Are, It’s Also What You’re Not!

What is a Brand?  we discussed the elements of branding. You learned your logo is only one factor in your “brand story.” In fact, the logo merely represents a promise your business will deliver on. But how is this promise known? Hint: it’s not through advertising, social media or direct mail. Those are marketing mediums.  The key is consistent “messaging.”  A core brand message makes people sit up and take notice.  Nike’s “Just do it” is an excellent example.

In the case of UnCorked Wine Co. it could have been, “Quality Selection & Service. Try before you buy.” Not exactly an attention grabber or some amazing guarantee. Yet sometimes you can convey your company values to your customers through a message stating clearly what you are not, like “No Crap Wine.”  This was the case on Sunday as I strolled through New York’s West Village and the following sign grabbed my attention.

Creating a message that is short, memorable and relevant to your audience is no easy task. “No Crap Wine” nailed it. Short and memorable? Definitely. Relevant? Absolutely. This appeals to a particular demographic that are not novice wine drinkers, but pride themselves on drinking more sophisticated vino. They can be assured when they enter Uncorked they are going to find a selection catering to their tastes and expectations.

Check out this great resource from Hinge Marketing to make sure your branding message is on track:

Brand Messaging Checklist

  • Does your core brand message offer anything different from your competitors?
  • Is your messaging short, simple and clear?
  • Do your messages reflect reality? (Or are they aspirational?) Brand messages must be authentic to be believed.
  • Do your messages resonate with your target audience? Do they say anything interesting?

Of course, don’t be afraid to use humor or be a bit contrarian like Uncorked. After all, clearly knowing what your brand is and what it is NOT is extremely worthwhile to customers. They will thank you because you have made their buying decisions quicker, easier and less stressful.

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