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You Have Your Buyer Personas, Now What?

It’s a painstaking process. Getting to know your buyers goes way beyond gathering demographic information. It requires you to tap into their mindset and hear

Is Your Marketing Strategy Complete?

It’s September. The kids are back in school. Summer vacation season has wrapped up. Now, the holidays are looming. Before you know it, 2016 will

12 Must-Have Elements for Landing Page Success

Starting a new campaign? Then you’ll need a landing page. Landing pages are individual pages specific to marketing campaigns where you send your audience from

Spur Your Sales Using These Psychological Triggers

The worlds of psychology and marketing are more aligned than most people realize. Marketing taps into the natural psychological triggers humans have and uses those

The Powerful Lesson Your Business Can Learn From Marketing Lobsters

There’s a certain ring to the word, “lobster.” When you order it in a restaurant, you feel ritzy. When you buy it at the local

How Got Me to Pay 19% More With This One (Clever) Trick

Even if you’re not a frequent flyer or member of one of the many hotel rewards programs like me, you can relate to one thing:

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is the world’s leading Micro-Blogging site. It has become the leading source of accessing and sharing the information on anything and everything that matters.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a social platform that allows users to connect and share information with friends and businesses in a variety of ways. Why is it

Twitter Search

Twitter Search can help you identify the topics people are currently talking about. Use the hashtag (#) function to identify real-time news and conversations that